Fall-Winter 2015-2016 Trendy Footwear

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Footwear are not just an accessory that makes an outfit look more attractive and visually lengthens the legs. It allows you to create a feminine image, style and even a good mood.

Therefore, the trendy footwear for Fall-Winter 2015-2016 seasons has some more specific requirements. Now fashionistas are looking not only stylish shoes for their feet but also a stable heel, durable material that retains the beauty of the boots in any meteorological condition.


The main places in all fashion collections for fall-winter are occupied by footwear with shoelaces. Because of its femininity and extravagance, they are leading in the fashion world. At the moment, shoelaces are present not only on classic boots, but also on stylish models in masculine style. The convenience of this footwear is due the free adjustment of the bootleg. Therefore, even the most unusual boots with shoelaces look very impressive, as demonstrated by famous designers (Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Rodarte, Alexander Wang, Saint Laurent, Altuzarra) in their collections.

Fall-Winter 2015-2016 Footwear with shoelaces

Reptile and animal skin leather

The footwear in “predator” style must-have a special role. Not coincidentally is considered a popular trend this fall-winter 2015-2016 season. Today, these models are not a luxury anymore. Fashion houses like Marni, Miu Miu, Roberto Cavalli, Donna Karan, Celine, Kenzo, Jason Wu, Lanvin presents a wide range of “predator” skin leather shoes: from classic black to coloured stripes. This season, designers have enjoyed us with various alternative models: boots made of “predator” materials, both on the entire length, and also in combination with simple leather. Now, any fashionista will afford to buy reptiles and animal skin leather shoes. Popular colours of the season are yellow, brown, red and green shades of blue.

Reptile and animal skin leather footwear Fall-Winter 2015-2016 season


Suede has always been in great demand. Therefore, fashion houses (Dolce & Gabbana, Mary Katrantzou, Burberry Prorsum, Rick Owens, Ralph Lauren, Balmain, Giorgio Armani, Givenchy, Oscar de la Renta, Fendi) actively demonstrate in the new fall-winter season suede footwear. This material looks much nicer than usual leather, but it requires much more attention and care. Therefore, a number of fashionistas are afraid to buy suede footwear. For your boots to always look well cared, it needs every day to be cleaned from dust and dirt, with special protection and care products. Also, it is not recommended to wear them in the rain or snow. Otherwise they will lose their condition.

Suede footwear Fall-Winter 2015-2016 season

Footwear with Fur

All fashionistas who love extravagant models are very lucky. Derek Lam, Gucci, Vivienne Westwood, Salvatore Ferragamo, Maison Margiela, Fendi showed in the season autumn-winter 2015-2016 collection exceptional trendy footwear designs trimmed with fur. In this case, the fur is not used to keep warm, but it is decorating the outside of footwear. Such designs are so popular, that fashionistas have begun to actively buy fur trimmed boots, shoes and even sandals. Of course, such models only have decorative function, so it definitely will not be worn in the rain. Fur footwear is rather an innovation in the fashion world.

If we draw attention to the new collections of footwear from Gucci, Thakoon, Balenciaga, Rochas, we can clearly note the trend to use fur as decoration on many footwear designs. But these will be suitable only for the most daring ladies.

Fur trimmed footwear Fall-Winter 2015-2016

Accent on toe

This season, designers have given a special attention to the toe of the trendy footwear. Let us see what models will enjoy us this fall. For example, fashion brands from Vivienne Westwood, Nina Ricci, Jason Wu, Saint Laurent showed shoe designs with a narrower toe, while Chanel, Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, Balmain emphasized the bright colors and contrasting elements. In order to passionate fashionistas demonstrate their impressive pedicure, Narciso Rodriguez and Rodarte showed open toe designs, which look ideal on foot.

Fall 2015 Winter 2016 footwear with accent on toe

Stiletto heels

If you think stiletto heels are not fashionable anymore, you’re sadly mistaken. From year to year, they confidently occupy top positions in the beauty industry, and in 2015-2016 fashion seasons, they enjoy an even greater popularity. Agree that a woman wearing stiletto heels always attracts the attention of all men and look sexy and attractive. Such designs can be found in famous collections from Rag and Bone, Giorgio Armani, Altuzarra, Saint Laurent, Haider Ackermann, Roland Mouret, Oscar de la Renta, Balenciaga, Dolce & Gabbana, Vivienne Westwood.

Stiletto heels 2015-2016 fashion season

Men style

Nowadays, in high demand are completely different footwear designs, which are polar opposites of delicate and soft stiletto heels. For example: Balenciaga, Michael Kors, Celine, Rag and Bone, Alexander Wang show unisex or men’s style footwear lines. And no wonder, because the modern world is constantly moving and such footwear is very practical and comfortable. During walking, it shows no discomfort and is typically used in everyday life. Special attention should be paid men style footwear because it is very fashionable in 2015-2016 year. Greater interest will present to ladies who like sports clothing.

Mens style shoes Fall 2015 Winter 2016

Unusual shaped sole and heel

Admirers of non-traditional wardrobe may opt for unusual shaped heel and sole. Each year, designers invent something new, striving to amaze all over the world. For example, curve shaped heel can be seen in the collections of Donna Karan, Gucci and Miu Miu, while unusual colors and futurism can be seen on models from Giorgio Armani. The brand adored by all, Versace, presented fashionistas heels with curved cuts while Dolce and Gabbana decorated the heel with delicate flowers. In Rochas collections can be seen the heel decorated with fur while Prada designs is decorated with rubber accessories on soles.

Unusual heels Fall-Winter 2015-2016

In addition, Fendi, Christian Dior and Roberto Cavalli fashion houses recommend several designs with transparent heel, while Givenchy stunned admirers with beautiful embroidery. Original heels can be seen in collections from Salvatore Ferragamo, Jason Wu and Marni. As we can see, new ideas of designers look impressive in footwear trends for fall-winter 2015-2016.

Footwear with unusual shaped heel fall 2015 winter 2016

Patent leather

Certainly, the patent leather always lured by its beauty. That is why, famous collections from Christian Dior, Valentino, Alexander McQueen, Saint Laurent and Derek Lam demonstrate luxury shoes of this material. Such models look very stylish and light. They say this typ of footwear can be hard maintained, but if you take a proper care, you will not have problems.

Patent leather footwear collection Fall 2015 Winter 2016


Presentations of fashion fall-winter 2015-2016 footwear collections showed once again that those who are passionate for shopping will have what to add to their wardrobe. They can choose from the multitude of shoes, sandals and not only. For example, the Dolce & Gabbana collection offers floral shoe designs, Proenza Schouler accessories in the form of ribbons. Fringes and brushes can be seen on shoes from Lanvin, while large straps – Proenza Schouler. Those who adore bright accessories on shoes will also be able to find shoes decorated with stones and rivets.

Footwear fashion decor Fall-Winter 2015-2016

Trendy colors

Fashion footwear collections for autumn-winter are characterized by a wide range of colors. Here we can see shades of yellow, green, purple, red, pink and orange. Of course, footwear collections were also seen in classic colors of black and brown. The choice depends on your style and mood. Remember that autumn and winter are not a reason to become unnoticed, therefore, trust your imagination and feelings.

Footwear colors Fall 2015 Winter 2016 Footwear color range Fall-Winter 2015-2016

Such diverse proved to be the 2015-2016 Fall-Winter world of trendy footwear. The collections are rich in designs and trends, all you have to do is to decide what to choose and buy new fashion footwear!

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