Don’t do that: Rihanna’s 15 weirdest outfits

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Rihanna is one of the brightest stars of our time, which is known not only by memorable performances, but also by her unusual style.

However, sometimes when choosing outfits, her creativity rolls and instead of stylish and original appearances we see dubious ones. We have chosen Rihanna’s 15 weirdest outfits, that really surprised us!

Rihanna's weirdest looks

This outfit resembles cheap suits in the Asian style, which were popular in the late 90’s. Apparently, it was then when the girl has stocked this questionable attire.

Rihanna weird outfits

The pants from the previous image, a transparent negligee trimmed with mink, huge heeled sandals and a crown of bobby pins on the head – Rihanna has nothing incongruous.


This dress has been the subject of jokes on the Internet for several months, but users have not been able to decide what is was looking like – the starfish Patrick from the animated series “Sponge Bob” or the loofah bath.


Well this dress is definitely looking like a costume of omelet with cheese! Yummy…


Tracksuit, fur socks and shales, either jacket, or a blanket, lovingly pressed against the breast – sometimes we are so eager to get out of the house, in whatever we have on us. Ri-Ri, we understand you!


Go to dinner at a restaurant in a sexy Green creature suit? Piece of cake!


Nightgown without top, a bandage on the neck, sequins on nipples and stockings with an elastic band – do not be shy, the singer suggests to us.


Plush pink suit … Ri-Ri, be careful with such appearances – Paris Hilton may decide that we are back in the “glamorous nineties”!


Creative variation on the two-piece suit, reminiscent of simple origami, out of which modestly comes out something blue and furry … So what, instead it is not cold!


Just a cocktail dress on a fashion show – it’s so boring! Much more interesting it is to turn in a pink cellophane.

Rihanna most outrageous outfits

Yes, overalls are fashionable this year, but its combination with a transparent lace bra..hmm, not really a good idea.


Sometimes Rihanna is tired to experiment with her style. In this case, the star simply pulls out of the closet a proven cape in camouflage colors – it is comfortable and at the same time can help you hide from prying paparazzi.


A dimensionless gray sweatshirt and cozy fluffy slippers – wearing that, you can not only watch tv series at home, eating a vanilla ice cream, but also go out!


Sometimes, Rihanna decides to add serious note and tries on an austere gangsta rapper look. It looks kind of weird.


Everything seems to be quite good with this look, but still, Rihanna overreacted a little with the shoes from Halloween’s Chewbacca Costume.

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