David Beckham in a underwear parody

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When speaking about men’s underwear advertising, we have only one question: who if not Beckham? The Swedish brand H&M, the face of which for several years is the football player, spoiled girls around the world, and, meanwhile, imperfect men also want to feel like a star. This “serious problem” was raised by the actor and TV host, James Corden, when offered Beckham to play in a video for the Late Late Show with James Corden.

David Beckham underwear D&J parody

The advertising has become the subject of a fictional brand D&J: the name is derived from the name of David and James, but surprisingly similar both in writing and in sound to the Italian luxury brand. The black and white stylish campaign easily could be mistaken for original content, if not Corden, who every now and then is fooling around in front of the camera, and in the final says: “D&J – this is the underwear for men with perfect body. And for David Beckham, too.”

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