Color Trends Spring-Summer 2017

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Each season comes with 10 latest fashion colors and spring-summer 2017 dictates the own trends for our wardrobe colors. It is known that one of the general perceptions of a particular detail is the color, which must ideally comply with the appearance, as well as fashion trends.

The experts at Pantone Color Institute named 10 most fashionable colors of the spring-summer 2017 season following the fashion week in New York. The range of colors includes shades close to natural ones that remind us of fresh herbs, sea waves and tropical fruits.

In the top of 10 most current hot colors for next season are included the following:

  • blue-gray;
  • intense yellow;
  • dark blue;
  • red-orange;
  • transparent blue;
  • powdery pink;
  • green-yellow;
  • pink purple;
  • natural green;
  • brown.


Niagara is the most important color of the spring-summer 2017 season. This classic denim blue hue is the color of simplicity, comfort and serenity. Niagara shade is so universal, that can be combined with any color: from bright and intense to pastel and faded shades, in the first case it can even balance the bright colors.

Color of the year 2017

Primrose Yellow

Another dominant color became the intense Primrose Yellow. The shade of primrose flower gives us warmth, energizes us and raises our mood. This lovely shade of sun looks wonderful if combined with lapis blue and neutral shade Hazelnut.

What are the color trends for Spring 2017

Lapis Blue

Deep blue is the color that we can see only if we go deep in the ocean or in Spring-Summer 2017 fashion collections. Lapis Blue is an intense shade, opposite to the Primrose Yellow shade which completes together nicely. Lapis Blue is wonderful in unique composition or in combination with other bright colors, which entered among the most fashionable colors of the season, including Primrose Yellow and Pink Yarrow.



Flame is a shade of red fire that particularly stands out against the background of other fashionable colors from the palette of the spring-summer 2017 season. Even if this color is not recommended to be combined with other shades being wonderful alone, if you want, it can be also diluted with other shades in the same range. Flame is definitely the favorite of the season.


Island Paradise

Island Paradise is the lovely shade of marine waters, which in nature can only be seen on an paradise island where in the background of pure white sand and azure water becomes colorless. Colorless blue is ideal for spring and summer wardrobe. It looks equally well both on summer dresses and also on fall coats and oversize sweaters. Try to combine Paradise Island with other fashion colors of the season like delicate pink Dogwood Pale and Hazelnut. In this way, the rich undertone will shine in light spots of a celestial blue even more.

Color trends

Pale Dogwood

This delicate and powdered shade, similar to a flower bud, gives us lightness and serenity, representing innocence and purity. Pale Dogwood or powdered pink looks nice on textures like fine silk, chiffon and delicate cashmere. It can be combined with other shades of the season such as Hazelnut, Paradise Island and Niagara. Powdery pink reminds us of last year’s favorite, Rose Quartz, but it is brighter and has a powdered undertone.

What are the color trends for Summer 2017


Greenery is a juicy shade of green that reminds us of fresh spring grass. Greenery is so “alive”, that simply could not miss in the list of fashionable colors in spring and summer. This green-yellow, like intense Primrose Yellow, brings us closer to nature, energizes us and lift our mood. Greenery color is used rarely by itself, most often they are seen as accents or in a colored background.

Fashion green

Pink Yarrow

In the top 10 of most fashionable colors for spring-summer 2017 season is included also the vibrant and bold shade of pink that looks best as key tone. To combine it with other colors, it takes a great aesthetic sense. Unique shade that the pink purple can be combined is dimmed green Kale.



Here’s another spring-summer shade, the green shade of leafs, Kale. Unique and universal at the same time, it is perfect in solo execution and as a complement to other more intense shades, for example, Pink Yarrow, Flame and Primrose Yellow.

Kale green


Hazelnut shade ends the top 10 most fashionable colors that belong among neutral and warm shades, suitable for any skin tone. Hazelnut is close to the nude range, which reminds us of coffee with milk and is ideal for classic and sober looks.


These are the colors trends for 2017 spring-summer season named by the experts at Pantone Institute. Designers urge to use them not only in our wardrobe, but also in accessories, manicure and makeup. The easiest way to always look stylish is to create a basic wardrobe in neutral shades, adding, as required, bold details and accessories.

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