Color Trends Fall-Winter 2016-2017

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How will the new fall-winter 2016-2017 season color palette will look like? It will look great! At the height of its popularity proved to be absolutely delightful colors, amazing by depth, beauty and clarity. No gender difference, classification by age or status, fashion becomes truly democratic.

1. Riverside

Riverside is the number one favorite color of fall and winter season and is the slightly faded shade of dark blue. An intense and deep color, that can be seen only if diving in the deep waters of a river or in the collections of Sonia Rykiel, Trussardi, Zac Posen, Lacoste, Michael Kors.


What are the color trends fall winter 2016-2017: dark blue

2. Airy Blue

Fall and winter expect this shade of blue as a breath of fresh air. It looks as good on autumn coats, oversize sweaters and thick dresses, emphasizing the simplicity of the cut and beautiful silhouette.

This shade is associated with memories of hot summer and warm sea waves. Just try to combine Airy Blue with other colors like Warm Taupe and Sharkskin, and its rich undertone will more reflect the blue sky.

Airy Blue

Fall 2016 Colors

3. Sharkskin

This is the best color for autumn and winter. It reflects the cloudy sky, waves, hot asphalt, emphasizing brevity and not extravagancy. Cold gray Sharkskin is ideal for the classical look. This color can be found in the collections of Michael Kors, Stella McCartney, Zac Posen, Marissa Webb.


Winter 2017 colors

4. Aurora Red

Aurora Red is the classic red that stands out clearly on the background of other colors from the autumn-winter 2016-2017 palette. Although this shade is perfect without being mixed with other colors, optionally, you can “dilute” it with other fashion colors. So Aurora Red color can be perfectly combined with Sharkskin and Lush Meadow.

Aurora Red

Winter Colors 2016

5. Warm Taupe

This warm color, how its name says, reminds us of the wonderful taste of coffee with milk. Warm Taupe suits any skin shades, so this color was loved and included in its collections by Valentino, Max Mara, Ralph Lauren, Karen Walker and many other fashion houses.

Warm Taupe

What colors to wear in Fall 2016

6. Dusty Cedar

The Cedar shade drove the podium the shade of quartz pink, which according to Pantone Institute, was the most fashionable color of 2016. Dusty Cedar reminds us of last year’s favorite, Marsala, but is brighter and warmer. To better understand this color, we recommend drawing attention to the collections of Etro, Paul Smith, Fausto Puglisi, Miu Miu.

Dusty Color can be successfully combined with the Airy Blue color, as popular in the autumn-winter season.

Dusty Cedar

What are the color trends in 2017

7. Lush Meadow

This is juicy shade of green that reminds us of a May fluffy field. Lush Meadow is both unique and universal. It goes well alone and as a complement to other more vibrant colors. This shade can be found in the collections of Barbara Bui, Roland Mouret, Marni, Gucci.

Lush Meadow

What colors to wear in Fall Winter 2016 2017: green

8. Spicy Mustard

Fall will also bring green and gold shades, with mustard undertones that remind us of fallen leaves color. The shade is part of the natural range, which gives warmth and clarity. On clothes, this color can be ideally combined with other juicy shades, thus highlighting their beauty more.

Spicy Mustard

What clothes colors to wear in 2016

9. Potter’s Clay

The color of autumn leaves and tree bark, which thanks to Pantone Institute experiments, was received this unusual name, Potter’s Clay. And indeed, it is a wonderful shade that looks very nice, especially on textures such as leather and suede. The intense shade of Potter’s Clay is an indisputable favorite of the season.

Potter’s Clay

What clothes colors to wear in 2017

10. Bodacious

This shade is not typical for the autumn-winter season. Crystals, lavender fields … are what characterize this wonderful shade in the next season. Whether you wear a coat, a skirt, a dress or a hat in this shade, you will look like a real queen, who just came out of a great kingdom to beautify this world.


what colors to wear in fall winter 2016-2017: purple

The range of colors in fashion in the 2016-2017 cold season has proved to be a very interesting, though seemingly simple. In combination with other fashion colors, these 10 colors can create an ideal feminine wardrobe for the coming cold season.

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