Choosing shorts for any body shape

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Sun, summer, beach … What is missing in this classic list? Of course sexy shorts that bare your slender legs. However, it is quite difficult to select this piece of clothes, because it can both enhance the beauty of the figure, and draw attention to its shortcomings. So, how to choose shorts taking into account the features of a constitution and how to combine them with other clothes in order to create a stylish image? First things first.

Selection criteria

Shorts must be chosen depending on the shape of the thighs, and namely:

Narrow hips, thin legs. Those who have a boyish body shape should stop at loose, wide shorts with a large pattern. It would be good, if they have special turn-ups. They visually expand the hips and shorten long legs. The models with trimmings, thrum ends and horizontal stripes will be up to date.

How to choose shorts

Wide shorts with a large pattern

Short legs. You should choose models with a high waistline and slightly beveled line of pants (longer to the center and shorter on the sides). In this case the waist can be emphasized with a contrasting strap.

Tip: to visually lengthen the legs, wear shoes with heels or wedges. In combination with shorts, you will look very stylish.

High waist shorts for short legs

Black with zippers

How to wear shorts if you have short legs

Full hips. In this case, the best possible option will be shorts with the length just above the knee. They both hide problem areas and lengthen the legs. It is better to abandon the knee-length models, as they do legs shorter and point up at the lower part of the body. Women with ample figures should also abandon the low-rise models, large patch pockets and bright pictures and prints. Moderately flared self-colored models will better suit them.

How to wear shorts if you have big hips

Office shorts

Small tummy. You can hide it by wearing shorts with regular waist. For top choose a loose blouse or a T-shirt. It can be worn tucked into shorts or over them. Thus, the loose top will hide the imperfect belly and shorts will slightly draw it in.

How to wear if you have tummy

With regular waist

As you can see, shorts can be chosen almost for any body shape. But in any case, remember that this is an open type of clothing, so it is important that your legs are as close as possible to the ideal.

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