Best Handbags Fall-Winter 2016-2017

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There are hundreds of legends about handbags, and men associate them with a bottomless chasm. Even if it is hard to find phone or lipstick, a hand is an accessory that can not miss any woman’s life.

We say right from the beginning that fall-winter 2016-2017 fashionable handbags will especially please those who love animalism, futuristic prints, fur and unusual decorative elements. Most romantic ladies will not go ignored either: designers created especially for them chained clutches, half-moon handbags, retro designs.

Actual shapes and designs

Designers took into account universality which means that even the most refined clutch and purse can now be worn both in a classic as well as in a sport look. Examples are retro handbags. The accessory, which recently was used only in combination with delicate skirts, dresses and pants, today can be freely combined with sport boots, ripped jeans and other clothing items after your own taste.

Retro Handbags

Like the eternal classic, retro style enjoys a great popularity among fashionistas. Vintage handbags in classic shades of beige, brown, dark green, old locks, frills and perforations will fit perfectly into any fall-winter look.

Handbags 2017


Certainly fall winter 2016-2017 fashionable handbags include this accessory items such as the clutch. Miniature, comfortable, suitable for any occasion, this year, clutches will beat all records of popularity.

Clutches 2017

For a night out, boxes or ladder clutches, completed with rich décor are perfect, and the multitude of designs can be seen in the collections of Dolce & Gabbana.

What clutch to wear in 2017


One of the most comfortable and practical autumn winter 2016-2017 accessory can be called with certainty the backpack. It is not only spacious, but can be comfortably worn on the back and has a stylish unusual aspect.

Fashion backpacks 2017

Michael Kors backpack looks really “cold” (fur fits perfectly in any autumn-winter look). Anya Hindmarch and Louis Vuitton enjoyed fans with colorful backpacks in predatory animals colors with bright applications. Versace opted for natural black leather, metallic trimming and sequin decor.

Best backpack girls

Rectangular Handbags

Rectangular handbags filled the fashion catwalks. Sizes are ranging from medium size boxes to huge ladders in Louis Vuitton style.

Leather rectangular purse

Short handles, square or rectangular shape, precise lines are the distinguishing characteristics of rectangular handbags. Like classic designs, these are made of materials actual this season and have an unusual coloring.


Unusual Shapes

Leaving classic behind, designers have set in motion their imagination. On fashion catwalks appeared chandelier handbags, book handbags and other incredible patterns. Folly is great, but these are designs that will be certainly liked by Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel admirers.

What bags to wear in 2017

Mini Purse with Wide Strap

In the experiment process, designers have created very practical combinations such as mini handbags with wide straps. Thus, this decision became the main trend of the autumn winter 2016-2017 season. Such a handbag can be worn both in hands and on the shoulder.

Small leather handbags

Half-moon handbags

To somewhat smooth the previous extravagant trends, on fashion catwalks have appeared pretty half-moon handbags. These designs can be quite large, and the lack of sharp corners make them look very feminine and neat.

Fashion half-moon handbag 2017

More bags at once

Another trend of the autumn winter 2016-2017 season is wearing several handbags simultaneously. It may be a set consisting of two or three handbags, as well as combining several handbags of different shape and color.

What handbags to wear in fall 2016

Developing this trend, Bottega Veneta launched a very good idea, namely double handbags on a belt. It is very convenient when necessary things do not fit, and several handbags in one look is not desirable.

Brand designs

Over the shoulder handbags

For some ladies comfort is one of the main aspects in choosing a handbag. Designers have taken care of this and have launched a series of handbags with long strap that can be easily worn over the shoulder when your hands are busy.

What purses to wear in winter 2017

Open Handbags

Another interesting option of wearing a handbag and a fashion trend for autumn winter 2016-2017 is wearing an open handbag, showing the inner lining or its content. So if your handbag has many zips and locks, do not rush to close them. You will automatically be fashionable if you wear the handbag namely this way.


Prints and decorative elements

As for decor and prints, here designers also offer us many new ideas. Even the usual animal print was diversified by designers, completing handbags with romantic frills.

Women handbags fall winter 2016 2017: prints and decor

Frilled Handbags

Frills have ceased to be used only on dresses and blouses. Now they can decorate shoes, handbags and other details of the female wardrobe. With the help of frills, handbags get an unusual look and an extra volume.


Tapestries printed bags

Designers propose us to “merge” with the room where we are and to choose clothes and accessories with prints and textures that remind us of expensive tapestries and furniture fabrics. In addition, the print of the furniture fabric has become the main trend of the season. It is very actual when the bag is made in the same style as the basic outfit.


Logo Handbags

No one gets impressed by a shirt or a sweatshirt with the boldest logo. Designers propose a new way to attract attention, namely using handbags decorated with mottoes, logos or brands name only.

Louis Vuitton and Gucci

Frilled Handbags

Boho style remains one of the most popular lately. One of the distinctive elements of this style is fringes that have not overlooked bags. Their length and thickness varies and can be made of various materials.


Chained Handbags

Designers have used a lot of decorative elements and a special attention is drawn by massive chains used as decoration. They can serve both as a separate item, as well as a handle or strap.

Genuine leather bags with chain

Fur Tail Handbags

The most fashionable handbag does necessarily have to be equipped with an accessory such as the fur tail. And if for designers this is a fashion trend, for us this is a great way to renew our last year beloved bag.



Judging by the latest fashion trends, in 2016-2017 autumn winter season accessories are distinguished by their big volume or shape. On the contrary, the main emphasis is on accuracy and core focus represents the abundance of materials and unusual decor.

Handbags in the same color as the outfit

Mono looks are gaining popularity with each year. Initially, designers urge us to wear clothes in one color, and now, they advice to choose shoes and accessories that repeat the print and color of the main outfit.

Stylish clutched

A handbag that mimics the outfit’s texture is a logical development of the previous trend. Moreover, it must have exactly the same texture and color as the main outfit. In everyday life, it is difficult to find such a “duo”, but you can admire them in the collections of Michael Kors, Dolce & Gabbana, Loewe, Chanel.


Reptile Skin Handbags

No matter how much animal advocates would protest, it is difficult to find a worthy replacement for the snake or crocodile skin. To those whom feel pity for animals designers propose handbags made of materials that mimic exactly the reptile skin.

Best designer

Velvet Handbag

If previously velvet clothes were exclusively designed for evening outputs, then now, this material is also used practically for sewing casual footwear and handbags. Thus, velvet became the main trend of the Autumn Winter 2016-2017 season.


Furry Handbags

Fur handbags are not new to the fashion world. Now fluffy bags are more extravagant and more expressive, executed from colorful fur in color blocking style, decorated with stones, chains and bright applications.


Metallic Effect

A handbag in precious metals color is what you need to add in your wardrobe this fall. Metallic accessories are current on par with dresses, skirts and metallic pants that designers show us for some time. On par with classic gold, silver and bronze metallic can be of various shades and also with holographic effect.

Women handbags trends

A feature that unites all trends of the coming 2016-2017 cold season is that a handbag should not be just a functional place where we keep our things. This should complete the outfit, emphasize its uniqueness and originality. And only in this case this can be called an ideal handbag to which every woman dreams at.

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