Anna Wintour will punish all those who took selfies at Met Gala

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Met Gala seems not only a very beautiful but also a very fun event. However, exactly as long as you do not disobey the mistress of the Costume Institute Gala, Anna Wintour. This year, Wintour encouraged guests to do without the selfies, which, in her opinion, could disrupt the refined atmosphere of the ball in the Chinese style (this theme was chosen for the Met Gala 2015). Many could respect that, but not all.

Anna Wintour selfies at Met Gala

Among the “worst offenders” were Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry. “Anna is very aware of all the celebrities who ignored her request, – said a Vogue insider. – She does not know what she’s going to do yet but she’s deciding.”

Another source claims that Anna advises to remove all selfies made during the Met Gala 2015 for the next 24 hours. Otherwise, the owners may not be invited to the ball next year. And personally, we think that you should never make jokes with Anna Wintour.

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