Fashion and office: 6 main business style trends for 2016

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A real woman of fashion tends to look stylish in any situation – at a fun party, on a walk with friends, on a date, and, of course, at work. After all, we spend most of the time there!

Numerous studies and surveys have repeatedly reaffirmed the importance of looking good at the office: it affects not only the attitude of colleagues, but also a possible elevation! Of course, we do not mean revealing outfits in an attempt to conquer the boss; at work, it is important to look to the best of fashion, to not induce ambiguous views with your outfit and at the same time feel comfortable. Its is not an easy task, isn’t it?

We decided to help you, and have identified 6 key trends of office fashion for 2016!

Combine the prints

Polka dots and stripes, plaid and “goose foot”? Too colorful and risky? Not at all! The secret is choosing the colors – of course, if you decide to mix in one look a pink blouse with blue polka dots and red-green striped pants, you will look like a clown.

But if your outfit will combine only two or three simple colors (such as black, white and gray or beige), the over-psychedelic image can be avoided. Try the combination of different variations of the same print, for example, two types of plaid or stripes.

Office fashion prints combine

Experiment with proportions

Yes, a classic suit – that’s fine, but it is time to upgrade it a bit. Try playing with proportions, opt for an elongated blazer looking rather like a light coat with asymmetrical edges.

Or choose pants, for example, not the unusual black “cigarettes” but flared or even culottes.

Business lady style 2016

Invest in an unusual bottom

Another option to maintain the business style, but bring in a little more fashion is having an unusual bottom. Classic pants or a pencil skirt, of course, are good and versatile, but more interesting will look the bottom with an unusual cut detail.

But do not forget one important thing: at the same time, the color of the cloth shouldn’t be neither unobtrusive, nor seductive, like the fabric; an ideal option would be, for example, dark-gray fine wool.

Office trend 2016

Take off the heels

The stereotype that the office requires each employee to wear heels has lost its actuality. If once such a requirement could be met even in the employment contract, then now (especially noticeable in large companies and corporations), employers began to lean to the comfortable subordinates’ dress code.

Of course, it not necessarily immediately to jump into sneakers, but try to replace the shoes with loafers on a rough sole or brogues.

Business outfit 2016

Wear white

It doesn’t matter whether outside is summer or winter – the white color looks luxurious in every season and in virtually any situation. The business style is no exception. If you’re not ready to walk in a totally white look, just try to diversify your office wardrobe with white clothes, for example, a two-piece suit or wide-leg pants. And remember, it is better if the white color is not too white, like if the cloth was just bleached.

White clothes for office 2016

Don’t be afraid to be bold

Another common problem of fashionistas who are working in the office is the temptation to completely switch to the black and gray scale. But this temptation must be thoroughly and permanently fight, do not be afraid to be bold! What matters is to have a moderate brightness: acid colors and flashy prints like purple “tiger” should be reserved for a party in the style of the 80’s.

Fashion and office for 2016

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