10 clothes you can wear at every age

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Fashion mistakes are not forgiven only to stars (well, still, maybe Anna Wintour), and as regards simple people, in this sense, we are accountable only to ourselves. But even then, it is nice to know what clothes will help avoid troubles at any age, since they can harmoniously look on girls, young ladies and women.

Little black dress

As we know, mademoiselle Chanel knew a lot not only about little black dresses, but also about tweed jackets, hats and knitted blouses. However, the dress was most often associated with her name, adding that this should be in every woman. The observation is truly amazing: at her 53-years-old, Anna Dello Russo (on the photo) boldly wears an asymmetrical dress with sleeves and contrasting mesh inserts on the side. Anna’s example is an exception rather than a rule: an universal black dress should be simple and modest. But it should be present in all women wardrobe – and that’s a fact.

Every age clothes Little black dress

Striped T-shirt

A correctly chosen striped T-shirt in combination with a white shirt and simple blue jeans will become the main outfit of the wardrobe. Classic t-shirts come from sailors, while their popularity among fashionistas – to the French designer Jean Paul Gaultier, who back in the 80’s made this item a “gimmick” of his collection. This is why, by the way, the striped t-shirt is the mandatory piece of the “Parisian chic”. Blue stripes will never go out of fashion, while the black and white t-shirt in combination with a dark bottom will be a perfect “white top, black bottom” combination, if required by circumstances.

Striped t-shirt for every age

Pencil skirt

The Pencil skirt has one invaluable function – it is equally well able to hide the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity. When the pencil skirt is worn by curvaceous Kim Kardashian, not only men but also women find difficult to look away from her shape. When at Fashion Week Anna Wintour is walking in front of photographers in a pencil skirt, she resembles a fragile and well turned statuette. Tranquil shades will enter the skirt in the office dress code, while the bright print (complemented with a crop top) will make it the best outfit for a beach party.

Anna Wintour in Pencil skirt

Blazer with prints or embroidery

Who said that the blazer has to be boring? If the evening tuxedo is a classic, then  for each day is to choose a non-trivial and drew the attention of the general public option. Checks are considered to be a win-win print- Scottish, Madras or goose foot – but we like more blazers in juicy shades with appliqué or embroidery. However, with such a blazer the other pieces in the set should be low-key, so that only the blazer captured the attention of all.

Blazers you can wear at every age

Oversize sweater

Once upon a time there were rumors that an oversize sweater can ruin even the most perfect body shape. But today it is (and quite rightly) considered an essential attribute of a relaxed urban style. A bulky sweater, jeans and a bag on a thin strap – a image of “ageless” for early autumn, which is to be supplemented with a felt hat in autumn color (herbal or mustard can be perfect) and leisurely walks. Large binding is not a prerequisite, but it will make a sweater even more “lush”, which will only benefit it.

Oversize sweater for everyone

Simple silhouette dress

Trapeze dress with short sleeves above the knee length, as well as the little black dress, should be in every woman’s wardrobe. Just because it will save you in a situation every girl faces once in a week (working title: “My God, I have nothing to wear!”). With or without a belt – we get two different in silhouette dresses that will look completely different. But if the dress is short enough, you can wear it as a tunic: with leggings, shorts, long skirt or light trousers – it depends on the season and on your mood.

Simple dress what to wear

Leather jacket

Black leather jacket, jeans and a white top – you will not be able to come up with something better for walking around the city, or friendly get-togethers. The leather jacket is one of all those things perfect not only for all ages, but with the age, they become even better. A quality jacket will age with beautiful abrasion and eventually become a valuable vintage. Another thing is that from a certain age, biker jackets are always actual and should be worn with caution, which, however, does not mean that they can not be worn at all.

Woman's Leather jacket


As for shoes, here, to be honest, the choice is much more. For example, you can not do without the pumps, which can turn into an evening attire even a trapeze dress, jeans and jacket. But if we were asked to choose only one pair for all ages, it undoubtedly would have been vans- a classic of the new generation. They are easy to combine with tucked jeans and flying dresses, short shorts and midi skirts. And most importantly, they are still incredibly comfortable.

Vans for all ages

Menswear style suit

Every season, deliberately male cut pieces appear on the catwalks. This summer, for example, designers advised us to put on an uniform, but when it comes to timeless trends, here the Ball is ruled by male cut pantsuit. Slacks (better with arrows) and straight jacket with a collar will make any girl fragile and feminine. The suiting strip on the fabric will add charm and in order to not play too long with a brutal look, choose pastel shades and original cut of the top (even if the jacket is short and with catchy buttons).

Men style suit will make any girl fragile and feminine


Sunglasses are an equally active part of the look as bags or shoes. Firstly, they must be of a good quality (not necessarily expensive, but certainly not cheap) to 100% fulfill its function of protecting the eyes from the harmful effects of UV rays. Secondly, they must be original. Do not be afraid of round, triangular and square shapes, colored and printed frames, with decorative trim handles. And if you suddenly feel that these glasses look out of place, put them in your bag and pretend that no one would have seen that. Pretty simple.

Good quality sunglasses

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