Fall-Winter 2016-2016 Color Trends

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The color psychology is complicated, and interesting at the same time. It is known that when a person chooses a garment of a certain color, without realizing, he tries this way to show their inner state and to influence it in one way or another. It will be perfect if the inner state will correspond with the current fashion trends. That is why we must pay a special attention to the shades and colors that will be present in the Fall-Winter 2016-2016 season.

Fall-Winter 2016-2016 fashion color trends

Black & White

Black and white clothes can become a must-have in the creation of various fashionable outfits. As we know, these achromatic colors blend perfectly with all other colors. In addition, they fit all styles. Therefore, black and white are found as often in all new collections. Some designers use them only as shade, while others opt for strict monotone outfits thing we can see in the cold season as well. Akris, Fendi, Givenchy, Elie Saab, Valentino, DKNY, Donna Karan, Chanel, Alberta Ferretti, Dolce & Gabbana, Balenciaga and many other designers recommend us to wear fully white or black outfits, only occasionally combining these two colors in one outfit.

Fall 2016 color trends

Black an actual color for this season

white with black elements

Dried Herb

As for Pantone Institute’s opinion, the Dried Herb shade, known more as olive green, will become one of the most popular colors of the season, as demonstrated by brands such as Elie Saab, Donna Karan, Zac Posen, Vivienne Westwood Red Label, Victoria Beckham, Alberta Ferretti and many other famous designers. This shade can be attributed to the range of neutral colors, due to which it fits perfectly both in combinations with dark and bright shades, and by its own.

Biscay Bay

This shade is a combination of hot and cold, inspired by blue water’s depth and juicy tropical green. This color combination makes it so universal, that can be used both to create outfits for summer and winter. In the new cold season, designers like Oscar de la Renta, Elie Saab opted for this particular hue.

Iced blue an universal and actual color

Desert Sage

This shade can be considered to be an ideal neutral shade. The Desert Sage emphasizes the physical appearance of the person as well as the particular style and cut, which must be considered if you decide to choose this particular color. If greenish gray is used only as a helpful nuance, then it will perfectly accentuate the beauty and depth of other colors of the outfit. Desert Sage is not rare in the collections of Saint Laurent, Zac Posen, Phillip Lim 3.1, Hunter Original, etc.

Fall Winter 2016 2017 color trends desert sage

Greenish gray a color of 2017

Stormy Weather

This color is characterizing the marine waters during a storm and the sky in overcast days. Stormy weather is an ideal choice for creating severe luxurious and classy outfits. We need to pay a special attention to it and because this shade will easily “become friends” with other colors. In order to see its universality and impeccability, you can admire the new clothing lines by Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Lanvin, Chanel, Kenzo.

Color trends 2017

Blue gray trendy clothing

Oak Buff

Oak Buff is a warm shade associated with nature, which perfectly “warms” the rainy days. That is why this shade is perfect for the cold time of year. In addition, as for psychologist’s opinion, this is one of those shades that is well tolerated by all. Hunter Original, Miu Miu, Badgley Mischka, Vivienne Westwood Red Label have decided to warm up and lift the mood of their fans in the new autumn-winter season by using this particular shade.

Color trends 2016-2016 oak buff

Golden yellow


This “delicious” shade of the red wine is indicating refinement and naturalness. Depending on the colors they combine, Marsala shade can be both obscure as well as more intense. Surprisingly but this particular color can accentuate the strengths of any type of skin color, hence it looks nice on all ladies. Marsala shade was chosen by Zac Posen, Vivienne Westwood, Christian Dior, Reem Acra, Balenciaga and many other designers.

2015 2017 color trends Fall Winter marsala

Marsala color of the year 2016 perfect for this fall and winter

Reflecting Pond

The deep blue shade, Reflecting Pond, was given to us by the nature itself. This luxurious shade is created specifically for dull outfits, although it can be harmoniously combined with other colors in the palette. We must not forget that dark shades make the cool blue color look deeper, while lighter shades provide it shine and warmth. In the 2016-2016 cold seasons, this shade has become the icing on the cake in new collections by Zuhair Murad, Victoria Beckham, Zimmermann.

Color trends 2016-2016 Fall Winter

Cooling deep blue shade

Amethyst Orchid

Energetic, sensitive, alive and active, Amethyst Orchid is a slightly unusual shade for the cold season, however, it is on par with other fashionable colors achieving the leading position in the top of color trends for fall-winter 2016- 2017. This expressive shade is used by many brands as a base color, although we can see variations based on the combination of Amethyst Orchid with red, blue, gray and even Reflecting Pond. Examples of fashionable outfits using the shades can be seen in collections from Chanel, Balenciaga, Zac Posen.

Color trends Fall Winter 2016 2017

amethyst orchid outfits

Cashmere Rose

This elegant, soft and tactile shade catches our attention with its specific beauty and peacefulness. It can be used to dilute some brighter shades. In addition, the Rose Cashmere shade is often used as the main color of the whole outfit only in this case focusing on the particularity of the cut; hence the lines should be laconic and soft. Cashmere Rose became the base color in collections by Fausto Puglisi, Dolce and Gabbana, Chanel, etc.

Fashion color trends 2016

Pink clothing

Cadmium Orange

The Cadmium Orange invaded the modern fashion since the distant 70’s and reminds us of the warm shade of the bright coral. This shade evokes a sense of unpredictability that occurs depending on the lighting and colors that it is combined with. It may give a soft appearance with its coral shade, or provide us a warm shade of orange.

Color trends 2016 orange

Bright yellow

This is another color that is not specific for the fall-winter season. Juicy, intense and bright shade of yellow has become a real discovery for the winter the cold 2016-2016 seasons. Designers advise us to combine the bright yellow with gray (Akris), black (Balenciaga), blue (Dolce and Gabbana). Often this color is used in solo version (Miu Miu, Versace, Christian Dior).

Fall Winter 2016 2017 color trends bright yellow

How to wear yellow

Yellow only

yellow color trends

Bright red

The passionate red has again broken all records of popularity. This dynamic, truly royal color is worn when we want to draw someone’s attention. Psychologists say that people wearing red clothes seem more sober than others, although the effect depends largely on the chosen shade. In some cases it is advisable to opt for warmer shades as the intense red can psychologically affect the people around. If this is not a problem for you then we would recommend to wear outfits from Zac Posen Elie Saab, Dolce & Gabbana, Badgley Mischka, Alberta Ferretti, DKNY, Versace.

Winter 2017 color trends

red dress

red and black combined

intense red

classic outfits in red

red clothing trends

red color trends

Being acquainted with the most famous fall-winter 2016-2016 shades and color, you can create original and fashionable attires that will not only reflect your style and taste, but also your good humor. As we can see, the variety of colors is very great designers presenting their admirers both the classy achromatic, as well as lively and intense shades.

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