Zac Posen Resort Collection 2016

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Zac Posen 2016

Many fashion designers took into consideration the modern rhythm of life of people and paid a special attention to the urban style of clothes in their collections. Many but not all of them!

Zac Posen Resort

Zac Posen offered the audience a Lookbook consisting mainly of extravagant evening dresses. The truth is the designer took into account the minimalistic tendency and did not add to his outfits additional elements of décor. Complicated cut and flawless material are the distinctive features of the collection, which can be visually separated into two parts: casual and festive.

Evening dresses

Evening dresses

The evening part of the presentation is represented by floor length dresses the top of which are without straps. While for the casual wear, were presented few options of pencil skirts and pant suits.

Zac Posen New

If to speak about color, then it is modest and noble. Pastel shades, intense blue and green, as well as carroty color are ideal for those who are proud of their body shape and consider they have what to show.

Zac Posen dresses

The author did not find a suitable material for his masterpieces other than neoprene and silk. Some models are “diluted” with inserts made of transparent textile. Basically, such modification is applied mainly to the neckline and shoulder area. Because today it is very fashionable to not only reveal the collarbone but to hide them under a semitransparent veil.

Zac Posen

Zac Posen’s woman is a vamp. In each collection, the designer tries to play up the most attractive parts of the body – shoulders, hips, legs. With the help of clothes, he lengthens the silhouette (high waist pants), shows elegancy (cut-away shoulders and collarbone), protects from strange looks (dark sunglasses) and gives the sense of flying. It is true that what lady will not feel a goddess in such elegant outfit?

Zac Posen