Elegance by RALPH LAUREN — RESORT 2016

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The Resort Collection is a preface to what will be in the summer, so in shows, very often it breathes warmth of the upcoming holidays, and RALPH LAUREN is no exception. The color design of clothes is made ​​in marine style, while the notes of gold are like the rays of sun, which are waiting us.

RALPH LAUREN advice to wear in Spring 2016 strict but sexy outfits. Minimum additional details, no slip pockets and other inserts, all have to be fitted and feminine, especially dresses.

Let’s speak about colors…

RALPH LAUREN Resort Collection consists mainly of 3 colors: black, white, blue. The author combines them in different ways making them look differently by adding an additional golden shade, used mainly in accessories.

Polka dots are another trend of this year, although as many fashion experts claim, it can not be trendy, more likely the style of the dress can be wrong, that is why a correct form is more needed than a correct color.



About styles

Now it is time to speak about the forms of the dresses, skirts, pants and jackets presented by the designer.

We can see both models of office dresses and suits for daily activities as well as evening sets.

If it is a skirt then it is a pencil skirt and it can even be with an additional cut up to mid-thigh. If there are pants, then these are loose, despite the material these are made of. If it is a jacket, then it is fitted with slightly cropped sleeves. If a dress, be sure it is feminine.

In collection are presented also long fitted dresses with different forms of collars (“over the neck”, low neckline, strapless). Midi style is presented by sun dresses on straps with boat neck.

The designer decided to combine skirts and pants not only with blouses, appropriate for the office style. Here we can also see jersey sweaters with turtle necks and black polo necks.







Nothing decorates the image better than accessories. In this case, gold has done its job. Large, small and medium-sized bags are in the color of the precious metal, while sandals and pumps put a bright point in the image, making it full and complete.