Cocktail Dresses Fall-Winter 2018-2018

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Festive events may vary depending on their format, so read carefully what’s next to understand when to wear a cocktail dress and not an evening gown. According to the rules, the cocktail period is considered between 5-7 PM, however there are exceptions in the context of the dress-code requested, which you will have to confirm with the party organizers.

Usually a cocktail is an opening of an exhibition, a boutique, attending a premiere of a show and any other event of its kind. The cocktail dress at the base of which is the midi length is ideal for such events: on the one hand it looks elegant and feminine, on the other hand it feels comfortable and is always suitable. So let’s get inspired from the cocktail dresses ideas presented by designers in the fall-winter 2018-2018.

Cocktail dress 2019

Dresses with silk fringes

To make a simple dress without extra detail, it is enough to use decorative elements such as trimmings, with multiple silk yarns. Such a technique is widely used in Oriental style to transform even a monochromatic look, especially if it opts for the metallic effect: the glossy textures of precious metals are the no.1 trend in the new season.

Cocktail dresses fall winter 2018 2019: fringes

Elegant cocktail dresses


transparent with fringes

black with fringes


Cocktail dresses trends 2019

Slip dresses

This clothing article reminds us of the bohemian parties of the 90’s, especially from the pictures of the super models Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. It is not the case at this time to talk about its timeliness because, for several seasons, the slip dress is present on fashion catwalks in different interpretations. The simplest cocktail set is the dress created in the underwear style. Symphony of silk is still heard, but mostly it is opted for more dense fabrics with matte texture. As for footwear and accessories, in this case any combination is appropriate: from sandals with thin straps, to more brutal shoes, including ankle boots.

Cocktail dresses fall 2018 winter 2019: slip

What cocktail dress to wear in fall 2018

V-neckline design


stylish slip




Cocktail dress as part of casual style

Practical state of mind is what you need when choosing your cocktail clothes for the fall-winter season 2018-2018. Usually we all face the “one-time dress” problem, but none of us wants to somewhere hide the cocktail dress for the next festive event. The slip dress allows us to catch two rabbits from a blow: here we have a refined outfit for a party and a stylish everyday outfit. What else do we need? First of all, we need a monochromatic turtleneck, in a shade with the dress to create a monochromatic look. Second, massive ankle boots. Exactly, huge platforms, abundance of stitches and rivets, decoration of fur details that apparently seem unnecessary but actually are very appropriate. And, of course, to complete the look, we will need oversize coats, yeti fur, and leather jackets.

What cocktail dresses to wear in winter 2019





We have already heard of the swimming suits and halter tops that are so famous in the spring-summer season 2018-2018 and this design has not overlooked the fashion cocktail dresses of the autumn-winter 2018-2018. So, their peculiarity lies in the straps, which bind to the back and bare the shoulder line. The front cut is usually trapezoid shape and the back cut has a spicy detail like the bared back.

Halter cocktail dress fall winter 2018 2019




What cocktail dresses to wear in 2019

midi cocktail dresses

Deep, heart shaped neckline

The basic rule for choosing a cocktail dress 2019 is the balance between the uncovered parts of the body. Such an outfit can imply both a high cleft of a skirt and a deep cleavage, yet these elements do not have to intersect. This season, designers opt for the top of the body, so they are struggling to bare it as much as possible. The heart-shaped neckline reminds us of the past centuries and we can see it today in models of sober dresses (including the little black dress). It does its great job, creating a sexy but sober look.

Cocktail dresses with heart shaped neckline

black with heart shaped neckline

Asymmetric cutouts

The asymmetrical shapes present on original designs are indispensable for any season. Asymmetric cutouts are the ones that give the tone. This year, we must draw attention to the gowns with a bared shoulder, frills and unusual shapes of the collar and sleeves.

Asymmetric cocktail dresses


Cocktail dresses winter 2019

As for the range of colors, this is generally neutral. Despite the multitude of monochromatic looks, designers still want to opt for geometric and floral prints, classical combinations of colors and glossy textures.

Cocktail dresses fall winter 2018 2019: colors


Very often, in the new collections are seen combinations in Chanel style: black, red, white colors and the most current shades of the season compete successfully with the classic style. This year, we certainly must not forget the intense blue, golden lime, gray metallic, pale pink.

Cocktail dresses fall 2018



The 2018-2018 fall-winter collections of cocktail dresses abound in diversity and color, unusual elements and patterns for each of us. We have the chance to look perfect every day, including at special events.

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