Chanel Oriental collection Spring 2016

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A real oriental fairy tale was played by Karl Lagerfield in Dubai, during the presentation of Chanel Resort Collection Spring-Summer 2016.

Bright colors, unusual shapes and combination of clothes ideally fitted the dream city atmosphere. Let’s see what offered the famous designer.

Karl added modern motifs in the traditional outfits of the Orientals. He tried to combine their clothes with modern trends. The collection turned in rich shades of gold and silver, floral prints and, of course, white.

Baggy pants

No Oriental collection can go without the traditional baggy pants. Chanel designed them from translucent materials of black, beige and white color.

Baggy pants

Dresses and tunica

Floral print, various ornaments, inserts and metallic elements are the main components of tunicas from the author of the collection. Loose and multilayered items are designed to flutter in the wind creating a romantic and lightness effect. As tradition says, tunicas should be worn with baggy pants as it was demonstrated on the podium.

Chanel Oriental

Chanel 2016

Dresses and tunicas with baggy pants

Chiffon dresses, which are sewed at the bottom being this way transformed into pants, perhaps are not quite familiar clothing for residents of the metropolis, but for those who are going on vacation are real gems. Firstly, you do not get hot, because the dress is very loose, and secondly, you do not need to worry about the wind that will reveal discreetly your underwear to the people around.

Chanel Spring


Knee socks with open toes

Another author’s trend is the collection of knee stocks with open toes that have more decorative function, rather than a practical one.



Chiffon blouses in bright colors are a great solution for serene spring days. In these clothes you can feel comfortable both at the office and at a party. Universal cut – slash neck, long sleeve, the presence of gores help to emphasize the dignity of the female figure and hide problem areas.

Chiffon blouses

Pant suits

Despite the Oriental theme, the designer did not forget about those who are indifferent in respect of this culture. The combination of short tight-leg trousers with a loose tunic has long time ago become universal. It’s comfortable, actual, and most importantly – it is fashionable and elegant.

Pant suits

Chanel suits

Sweaters and cardigans

The designer took care about the fact that in cool evenings you would not spoil the impression with your outfit, wearing an inappropriate blouse on top of a tunic. Cardigans in different lengths and voluminous sweaters with prints, repeating the pattern from the skirt are the perfect solution for those who are constantly freezing.



Handbags, predominantly small, complemented the outfit of many models. Abundance of stones, metal and floral prints were present in the trimmings and elements of this collection. And, of course it could not go without the legendary Chanel bags on a long handle, though this time models were carrying it in hand.

Chanel Handbags


Metal necklaces, stone necklaces, belts, bracelets and other shining and ringing accessories harmoniously matched bright, multi-layered clothing, presented in the collection.

Chanel Accessories