Whose celebrity body is the most attractive?

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Kim Kardashian strives to become a generally accepted ideal of modern beauty. She is constantly improving her appearance, without hiding her desire to transform curvy shapes in a new cult. Kanye West wife is often invited to shoot in glossy magazines, where she did not hesitate to strip and take part in a candid photo-shoot. However, it is too early call Kim a ideal of beauty …

Recently, the University of New South Wales in Sydney conducted a survey on 60 thousand respondents. Each of them was asked to answer the question which of the stars has a perfect body. The absolute leader of the voting became Taylor Swift. Kim wasn’t among the celebrities with the most attractive figure.

We hope that Kim Kardashian will not be very sad finding out about this. Let’s see the photos and don’t forget to share your comments down below.

Taylor Swift most attractive celebrity body

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