Too much light or Photoshop? Jennifer Lawrence’s asymmetric eyebrows caused controversy

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The actress Jennifer Lawrence appeared on the cover of Chinese version L’Officiel¬† with asymmetrical eyebrows, forcing readers to guess: is such an unusual way a new standard or an error of the photo editor?

Jennifer Lawrence attires faded against the background of a small but eye-catching detail – her asymmetrical eyebrows.

In the picture, the right eyebrow of the actress looks thicker and fuller than the thin and curved left. Incidentally, Jennifer’s earrings are also different – as if it was done deliberately to emphasize the asymmetry of the makeup and to certainly notice the difference.

Jennifer Lawrence asymmetric eyebrows

Web users are debating on the reason of the confusion. Some have suggested that the light in the studio just fell awkwardly on the left half of the face, while others have decided that photo editors just overdid with the frame processing and as regards the cover, they have combined altogether two Jen Lo pictures.

Jennifer Lawrence photo

What do you think?

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