Too little money offered: Kim Kardashian refused to sell the first pictures of her son to publications

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In early December, Kim Kardashian and her husband, the rapper Kanye West became mother and father for the second time. The couple had a son, who was given the name Saint. Kim’s labor was held under the strictest secrecy and strangers were not admitted in the room. The media was gossiping that Kardashian is going to arrange a kind of auction: she’ll sell a picture of the newborn to the publication, which will pay more for it.

According to journalists, several publications were fighting for the right to take exclusive shoot. They suggested for it from two to 2.5 million. Kim and Kanye, whose fortune is estimated at approximately $ 155 million, refused this offer. The cause is unknown, but it is rumored that this amount seemed too small for the stellar couple.

Kim Kardashian son photos

Two years ago, Kanye and Kim also rejected the proposal for the publication of pictures of their daughter’s North. The publication offered them almost 4 million. As a result, the pictures was sold for charity.

Kim Kardashian first pictures of her son

By the way, the sale of the first images of celebrities’ children is a common practice. Thus, for the pictures with the kids of Jessica Alba and Christina Aguilera, the publication paid $ 1.5 million. The picture of Matthew McConaughey’s child cost of three million, Jennifer Lopez – six million, and the twins of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt publications offered $ 11 million.

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