The naughty North West-Kardashian rebuked paparazzi

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Kim Kardashian’s 2-year-old daughter North West, despite her very young age, already shows the character of a diva! Fans of the Kardashian family have long noticed that the girl almost never smiles in the photo, she arranges hysterics at shows, where the celebrity mom is taking her and cries even in Disneyland! At this time the behavior of North once again surprised others. The girl who barely learned to talk, rebuked pesky paparazzi!

The little girl was going with her nanny at the dance classes, while her and her assistant was surrounded by photographers. The 2-year-old girl did not put a bold face on. Instead of crying, hesitating or just attracting the attention on journalists, Kim and Kanye’s daughter said: “I said no to pictures.”

She began to show off her feisty character a long time ago. Even Kim repeatedly shared with her fans in Instagram stories about the vagaries of her daughter. According to the TV diva, North makes scandals” if she does not like the clothes chosen for her or if she does not want to do something.

North West Kardashian rebuked paparazzi

By the way, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West completely “stuffed” the baby’s schedule. North is taking ballet classes, she has a personal fitness trainer and stylist, and even a tailor! Who knows, maybe the excessive concern of the stellar parents spoiled the daughter since she is already showing the manners of a superstar.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Soon, Kim will become mother for the second time. A boy will be born that will be named by the stellar family East. We hope that little North will be able to become friends with her little brother.

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