The nanny of Gwen Stefani’s children is starting a business on singer’s money

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The nanny of Gwen Stefani’s children clearly did not lose time in vain, while working for the star. Thanks to the 27-year-old Mindy Mann, the breakup of the 46-year-old Gwen Stefani and 50-year-old Gavin Rossdale is overgrown with new details.

It turned out that even before Gwen found out about her husband’s infidelity, she lent her rival a large sum of money so that the girl was able to start a business. The most interesting thing is that the singer did it at Rossdale’s request.

“Three years ago, when Gavin had his eye on Mindy, she confessed to him that wants to start her own business – a children’s development center in Los Angeles”, said a source to the Radar Online journalists. Rossdale liked the idea, and he realized that he could borrow the required amount from Gwen, who has always encouraged novice businesswoman.

Mindy Mann with Gwen Stefani's children

As a result, Mann received from Stephanie 50 thousand dollars. After discovering the cynical deception of her husband, Gwen acted generous and did not demand the return of her money. She simply fired the nanny, not wanting to interfere more with her.

Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani

The 45-year-old former lead singer of No Doubt, Gwen Stefani, and Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale officially announced the divorce in August. They were together for almost 20 years. The couple are raising three sons: nine years Kingston, seven years Zuma and 16 months Apollo.

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