The 62-year-old Kim Basinger is getting married to her hairdresser

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The 62-year-old Kim Basinger is dating with her hairstylist Mitch Stone more than a year. The actress used his services for 15 years, but the feelings erupted recently. And it seems that it seriously! It became known that the couple plans to get married!

After her divorce from the second husband, the actor Alec Baldwin, Kim wasn’t in a relationship for 12 years. Perhaps the actress had short novels, but she always appeared alone in public, and in the daily life, paparazzi never caught her in the company of men. Later in Kim’s life appeared Mitch and the case has gained momentum!

Recently it became known that the couple exchanged the “promise rings”. About this event told reporters Kim’s 90-year-old mother, Ann Lee. She added that the ceremony is planned for next year.

Kim Basinger is getting married to her hairstylist Mitch Stone

“I know that my daughter is planning a ceremony next year. Her lover did not make a marriage proposal, but instead they’ve exchanged the “promise rings”, said Kim’s mother.

This will be the third marriage for the star. Kim’s first husband was a makeup artist Ron Britton. The second – Alec Baldwin. They have been together for more than ten years, but in 2004 the couple divorced. The former spouses have a 20-year-old daughter named Ireland.

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