The 50-year-old Cindy Crawford has shown a no makeup selfie

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In February, Cindy Crawford will celebrate her 50th anniversary. The model is not ashamed of her age and to prove that, has posted a no makeup selfie. We were very pleased to see it! Years go by but Cindy doesn’t change.

“Getting some beauty rest before my @meaningfulbeauty shoot in Palm Springs tomorrow!”, she captioned the picture.

Meaningful Beauty is a cosmetic line created by Cindy. According to her, she uses the cosmetics of her own brand and the no makeup selfie is a real advertising of the products efficiency.

Cindy Crawford no makeup selfie

Cindy is also thoroughly taking care of her physical appearance. Recently she told about how she keeps in shape. The base of her nutrition is fish, sea products, fresh vegetables and fruits, dairy, olive oil. The model is the opponent of strict diets. She believes if starving, the body will retain harmful fats from food for “rainy days”.

50-year-old Cindy Crawford

Also, the model is going to the gym twice a week.  Her training consists of walking on a treadmill with a slope and working with dumbbells. Crawford does not like routine, so she mixes the workout with dancing, jogging outdoors and jumping on a trampoline.

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