The 45-years-old Naomi Campbell completely undressed for a shooting

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Naomi Campbell,who recently joined the campaign against Instagram ban on nipple pictures, continues to shock the fans with candid photos. One of the most famous model in the world, at her 45 can concede anyone – now we know that for sure.

Naomi Campbell published on Instagram “naked” black and white pictures. They were made for the French men journal Lui Magazine and Brazilian Vogue version.

On one of them, the “black panther” is naked, having on shoulders only a leather vest. The eyes of the model are underlined with a black eyeliner.

Naomi Campbell completely undressed

The second picture is not less free of sin than the first. The photographer emphasized Naomi’s long legs. She is wearing only a vest and a scarf. This time, Naomi decided to not risk , that is why she closed the private parts with stars-drawings.

Naomi Campbell shooting

Of course, we do not doubt Naomi, but still we have to admit: the “improved version” of the beauty is again looking at us from the photos. Of course, Campbell looks great at her age, but not exactly as in the fresh images treated in Photoshop. We have compared the photos of famous beauties in life and on the covers of magazines, and Naomi rightly complements this controversial list.

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