Taylor Swift’s young fans made a thousand of paper cranes in the honor of her mother

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In early April, the singer Taylor Swift found out about the diagnosis of her mother: Andrea has cancer. Since then, Taylor and her mother received many words of support from the fans, but the most touching gesture was the 11-year-old Sam Brady from Salt Lake City and her sister Jo, who made 1.989 paper cranes.

Taylor Swift's young fans made a thousand of paper cranes

According to the girls, not so long ago, they were introduced to the art of origami, as well as with the Japanese legend that says that who will make a thousand of cranes, his desire will be fulfilled. But sisters did not stop on round numbers and decided to make 1989 figures after the name of Taylor Swift new album (and her year of birth). However, the girls admitted that initially their goal was to get tickets to the show of the favorite singer, but as soon as they learned of her mother’s illness, they abandoned the original plan. For the creation of cranes, Sam and Joe worked for 3 months.

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