Selena Gomez made a hint on her bisexuality

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Selena Gomez is tired of the image of a good girl. Last year, she was vacationing on a yacht with the supermodel Cara Delevingne, without hiding her bisexuality. Their combined shots then scattered over the Net, triggering a wave of rumors. The 23-year-old singer did not make a comment personally, but recently hinted at her sexual orientation.

Selena admitted she does not see anything wrong in sexual experiments with girls. According to her, this helps better understand your self and “accept on all levels”.

“Last year I asked a question about sexual orientation, about what I want to be in this regard. Of course, I refused all labels. There is nothing wrong to experiment. I was flattered by the rumors about the relationship with Kara, Delving — she’s amazing”, said Gomez in an interview with the PrideSource portal.

Selena Gomez hint on her bisexuality

Although Selena did not directly confirmed her bisexuality, many fans felt that the phrase labels speaks for itself. The singer became another star, who is not ashamed of her orientation. So, the actress Kristen Stewart openly dated a girl, while Johnny Depp’s daughter, the 16-year-old Lily-Rose, supported the gay community, hinting that she is not one hundred percent sure of her heterosexuality.

Selena Gomez with the supermodel Cara Delevingne

By the way, Selena recently broke a long silence and told why last year took a break in her career. It turns out that the girl received chemotherapy. The procedure was appointed after the “lupus” diagnosis.  The singer was on the verge of a stroke, so she needed urgently a treatment.

Now Selena is back on the stage. Soon, her new album Revival will be released, out of which three songs are already in charts. In May, the singer is planning to go on a World tour.

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