Rumors about pregnancy dispelled: Beyonce just gained some extra weight

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Most recently, the singer Beyonce demonstrated the results of weight loss. The 34-year-old beauty came to the red carpet in a transparent skin-tight dress. At that time, B shapes significantly decreased, and the star said that she was able to lose weight with the help of a vegetarian diet. Afterwards, the singer began more often to appear in baggy clothes to hide the belly – one time using a bag, another – a laptop. Fans immediately began to wonder what was the reason for such changes in the clothing, and decided that Beyonce is pregnant. However, several months passed and the beauty’s belly did not round, but clothes she was wearing were still baggy.

About Beyonce pregnancy

The other day, paparazzi have caught the beauty on the beach. And, judging by the latest pictures, Beyonce is not pregnant, she just have gained some extra weight. Now, by the way, in the press appeared other rumors – supposedly Beyonce is on the verge of divorce with the rapper Jay-Z. Despite the rumors, the couple went on vacation in Europe, where they also took their baby girl Blue Ivy.

Beyonce gained some extra weight

By the way, last year it was rumored that one of the strongest Hollywood couples is on the verge of divorce. Later, Jay-Z has admitted that he and his wife made a special “stuffing” in the press to stir interest in their concert tour On the Run.

Maybe this time celebrity are warming their popularity in such a strange way.

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