Rihanna in Barbie doll look presented her new perfume


Rihanna, who successfully and for a long time is having the look of a bad girl, decided to try herself in a new role. The 27-year-old singer released a new fragrance with a nice name RiRi (her name’s abbreviation) and starred the ad campaign of the perfume, which has as base light floral notes, creating a romantic mood.

On the picture shared on her Instagram page, Rihanna is wearing a puffy candy-pink dress, with curls and pearl bracelets,  resembling more the Barbie doll rather than a bad girl in daring clothes – because this is how we are used to see Rihanna. Fans already agreed she’s looking like a doll.

Rihanna Barbie doll look new perfume

RiRi fragrance

The new perfume became the fifth fragrance released by the singer. Previous year, Rihanna released the fragrance Rogue. That time she advertised the perfume almost naked and looked more naughty. In the UK, it was even lodge a complaint against the  poster with a request to ban this image. As a result, it was decided to leave the billboards with this picture, but only in those areas of British cities, where it can not be seen by children.

Rihanna fragrance Rogue

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  1. Alexandra

    I think Riri looks perfect in anything, even in the barby-doll look.
    Alexandra Giurgiteanu ~ awildpeony.wordpress.com

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