Paris Hilton is getting married to a Swiss millionaire

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The 34-year-old heiress Paris Hilton is ready to get married. The chosen one became the 39-year-old millionaire Thomas Gross, with whom she is dating less than two months. In Instagram, Paris published a picture with her beloved and wrote they’re “Soulmates”.

Moreover, Hilton introduced Gross to her parents, Richard and Kathy. “They had dinner with her family in Los Angeles last week. Her mother Kathy really liked him and was telling everyone that she is happy her daughter has met such a great match,” a source exclusively told the Daily Mail.

Paris Hilton and Thomas Gross Soulmates

Paris met Thomas, whose fortune is estimated at $200 million, in May at the Cannes Film Festival. In only a month of relationship, the couple traveled halfway around the world. Recently, the lovers traveled to Mexico for the wedding of Hilton’s cousin – Brooke Brinson, and later went to Ibiza, where the Gross’s villa is situated.

Swiss millionaire Thomas Gross have fun with Paris Hilton

Some believe that Paris is hurrying with the wedding because very soon her little sister is getting married. Nicky Hilton is preparing for the wedding with the banking heir James Rothschild.

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