Paris Hilton dreams to quicker get married and become pregnant

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Paris Hilton doesn’t want to be worse than her younger sister. That is why, when the news that Niki is getting married to James Rothschild appeared, Paris also hurried to put on the wedding dress. Her beloved became the Swiss businessman Hans Thomas Gross and it doesn’t matter they are dating only for four months. The heiress of Hilton Hotel empire went further and already planned the birth of their children.

Paris met Thomas, whose fortune is estimated at $ 200 million, in May at the Cannes Film Festival. Only in a month of relationship, the pair traveled halfway around the world. To prove her serious intentions to the lover, Paris introduced him to her parents.

Paris Hilton get married and become pregnant

“They had dinner with her family in Los Angeles. Her mother Kathy really liked him and was telling everyone that she is happy her daughter has met such a great match. Thomas is so great for her because not only is he so successful, but he is self-made. He’s not like other men in the past simply because he doesn’t need anything from her but her love,” a source said.

If they are, then the wedding details have not been disclosed, yet. One thing is clear: the wedding will be no worse than Nicky’s triumph. Paris was so inspired by it that she wanted to be the main protagonist of a similar event.

Paris Hilton and Thomas Gross relationship

According to rumors, the famous party girl is already planning to have children with Hans Thomas. She dreams that she and Nicky got pregnant at the same time.

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