Pamela Anderson named Countess


The actress Pamela Anderson has received the honorary title of countess and now can legitimately consider herself a countess. The self-proclaimed Prince of Montenegro Stefan (whom we’ll describe below), conferred the title to the 47-year-old actress for her charity work.

Pamela Anderson Countess

Now the actress has the title of Countess of Giglio (Giglio is the name of the island as a part of the Italian Tuscany). It is worth noting that Prince Stefan is a controversial personality; around his person there are a lot of rumors. For example, the fact that he is not a descendant of royalty. However, this fact did not hurt Pamela. Last weekend, she arrived at the ceremony in the Italian Genoa with her sons Brandon and Dylan, whom Stefan also awarded titles: the prince made the boys knights.

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  1. Charles d'Arimont

    If you knew your history, you would know that the Cernetic Royal Family (i.e. the one who were the Princes of Montenegro) is extinct in the 17th century. While this guy may bear the name Cernetic (wish is not such a rare name), he is not entitled to use the title of Prince since that family doesn’t exist anymore since 300 years…
    I guess you will tell me that his genalogy is there to prove it? Try googling the name of his great parents for example and the only results will come from his own pages… In other words, it’s totally made up.

    And if you make a Google search on Stefan Cernetic, you’ll also discover that he is a crook as well as a fake. There’s a video of him (in italian unfortunately– where he is caught red handed trying to extort 50€ from a restaurant , claiming to work for Trip Advisor… I’ll not mention the fake diplomatic passeports that he sells on his website, or the fake orders or the fake titles (such as the one Pamela received – or bought?)

  2. Tony Vermel

    He is definitely fake, self styled Prince Stefan de Montenegro. He is using Monaco to cheat people and selling worthless title papers. I wonder why the authority don’t stop this crook.

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