On the way toward perfection: Britney Spears continues to strongly loose weight

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Britney Spears seems to have finally decided to say goodbye to the antics of her turbulent past and became a real advocate of a healthy lifestyle. Recently, photographs caught the star on the streets of Los Angeles and she impressed everyone with her slim and thinness body shape, which was not been such in the days of her youth. Now the singer is actively involved in sports and is actively sharing photos with motivating workouts with her  Instagram subscribers.

In the pictures she is showing her achievement – a tight abs. She was obviously proud of the result. Under the photo Britney wrote a short phrase, “Enough said!”

Britney Spears loose weight

We recall that Britney has kicked off a few extra pounds after the birth of sons. However, the star is still striving to have a more toned and slim figure.




In an interview, the singer shared her training secret. The efficiency is achieved by high-quality and rigorous implementation of all exercises. Britney and her coach do not focus on the monotonous training but on intensive workload. Spears training last only 40 minutes, the singer repeats these short sessions 3-4 times a week. Britney pays a special attention to cardio and stretching.

Britney Spears continues to loose weight

In addition, the celebrity has a balanced diet. In interviews, she said that a special diet with low carbohydrates helped to lose weight.

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