Nobody wants to buy Kim Kardashian’s book

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The 33-year-old reality TV star and wife of Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, probably will in future become an honorary professor of art of selfie and will tell university students how to take pictures of yourself on your smartphone. At least Kim has already released a book with her selfies entitled Selfish.

Selfish is a 352-page book with photos of different types: sexy selfies, pictures with sisters and so on. The idea of creating the book came to Kardashian’s mind after she shot on Polaroid hundreds of photos specifically for her spouse Kanye West as a gift for Valentine’s Day.

Kim Kardashians book

The first 500 copies of the book with her autograph were sold out in a minute. But then things did not go so well. The publishing house Rizzoli, which released the compilation, noted that the book did not become a bestseller and makes a very modest part of the company’s profits, even though it is in demand. It is worth noting that initially, the book cost $20 and now it can be purchased at half the price.

Kim Kardashians selfie

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