Miranda Kerr’s romantic relationship with the youngest billionaire is gaining momentum

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The 32-year-old supermodel Miranda Kerr and the 25-year-old billionaire Evan Spiegel are not hiding their relation anymore. The couple still did not make their appearance and did not officially confirm their relationship, but paparazzi are regularly seeing the couple on Los Angeles streets.

Recently, paparazzi caught Miranda and Evan in Malibu. They’re holding their hands, and looks like there are no doubts that they love each-other.

Miranda Kerrs and billionaire Evan Spiegel

We remind you that at the beginning of July, it became known that the model Miranda Kerr has a romantic relationship with Evan Spiegel, the person who created one of the most expensive mobile app. Snapchat. Later, rumors were confirmed.

Miranda Kerrs and Evan Spiegel holding their hands

Evan Spiegel is the youngest billionaire on the list of the prestigious magazine Forbes. He earned his first billion at 23. Spiegel got rich thanks to his invented mobile application Snapchat – a service, with which you can send to your friends “self-destructing” timer over exposed photos and videos.

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