Mariah Carey’s new man gift her a necklace worth half a million dollars

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The 45-year-old singer Mariah Carey, during her recent concert in Las Vegas, demonstrated the gift from her new boyfriend, the Australian billionaire James Parker. It couldn’t be noticed the yellow heart-shaped diamond from her neck.

As reported by tabloids, the accessory have cost of $ 500 thousand. However, for the Australian businessman this is a real nonsense: Forbes magazine estimated his annual income at $ 4.6 billion.

“I have a new heart tonight. James is in my heart tonight”, announced Carey from the stage during her performance.

Mariah Carey half a million dollars necklace

We remind you that rumors about Mariah Carey and James Parker appeared in mid June. It became all clear when TMZ managed to “catch” the couple during their walks on the Italian resort Capri. In mass media were appearing messages that the star was in depression because of the break up.

Mariah Carey's necklace

It’s also worth mentioning that after the divorce with Nick Cannon, Mariah wasn’t seen with a man almost an year.

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