Mariah Carey has lost 45 pounds for the wedding with the billionaire

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According to rumors, Mariah Carey is preparing for the wedding with the Australian billionaire James Packer. For the sake of the event, she has lost 45 pounds in a short period of time and now is wearing the most fitted outfits from her wardrobe.

Mariah filed for divorce wit the musician Nick Cannon at the end of last year. The singer grieved the break and for a long time did not appear in public in the company of men. However, this summer, Carey began dating with the Australian billionaire James Packer. Recently, the singer made her appearance with him in pulbic: the couple visited the premiere of “The Intern”. It is rumored that the couple will soon be married. According to a source close to the star, Mariah proudly calls herself a billionaire, and tries to match with her new status.

Mariah Carey lost 45 pounds

However, fans are more interested in her appearance than in the wedding. Within a few months the singer has visibly lost some good weight. Experts believe that she lost about 45 pounds. A friend of Mariah said that the star is sitting on a strict diet, and is attending Cryogenic liposuction sessions (the removal of fat deposits under the influence of cold).

Mariah Carey lost 45 pounds for the wedding

“It is definitely possible that Coolsculpting has helped Mariah to narrow her waist and give her a leaner figure. Coolsculpting is a very popular procedure to non-invasive reduce pockets of fat. It actually freezes the fat, causing an average reduction of 25% of the thickness of fat after one one-hour session. This procedure is scientifically proven to work, and is used for all parts of the body, including the tummy, love handles, thighs, and double chin”,Radar Online is citing the celebrity plastic surgeon Tony Youn, M.D.

It is not known whether the wedding will take place, but the singer looks great!

Rumors about Mariah Carey’s and James Packer novel appeared in mid-June. All became clear when TMZ managed to “catch” the couple during a joint walk through the streets of the Italian resort Capri.

Mariah Carey with Australian billionaire James Packer

Mariah spent part of the summer on James’ yacht. After cruising the Mediterranean, the billionaire gave his beloved a necklace worth half a million dollars.

“I got a new heart tonight. James is in the house. Thank you for my heart. I dedicate this next song to you”, she told the crowd during one of the concerts.

James Packer and Mariah Carey

It is worth noting that Packer is one of the richest men in Australia, he owns a chain of hotels and casinos across the country. Forbes magazine estimated that his annual income is $ 4.6 billion.

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