Madonna has hired detectives to spy on her 18-year-old daughter

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There are so many event that happened in Madonna’s life! Who would have thought that the singer, famous for her scandalous behavior will..control her daughter. The 58-year-old woman is worried about the behavior of the 18-year-old Lourdes. She suspects that the girl, instead of studying, is organizing parties in the hostel of the University of Michigan. According to rumors, Madonna even hired detectives so that they spy on the life of the young party girl.

Although Madonna is now touring the United States, she holds the key to the lives of all four children. Even Lourdes, who is studying in Michigan, could not escape the persistent custody of the mother.

Madonna hired detectives to spy her daughter

“Madonna heard rumors that Lourdes and her new boyfriend roll noisy parties in the university hostel and go on a tear. She is really worried about that, but is afraid to ask Lourdes questions – Madge does not want her daughter to get angry because of her intervention”, said an insider in an interview for OK! magazine.

Madonna has not found anything better than to hire a private detective, who is now twenty-four-hour quietly watching  Lourdes.

“Madge wants to be sure that as long as she can not come to her daughter on the first call, Lourdes will be all right”, added the source.

We wonder how will react to the news Lourdes herself, when he will read about her in newspapers?

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