London Gallery sells Angelina Jolie rare nude photos

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Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll – there are some legendary rumors about the youth of Angelina Jolie, which has now become an exemplary mother of a large family. And here is another news from the past: the London art gallery is selling rare candid photos of the actress in her youth.

On black and white cards, made by the photographer Kate Garner in 1995, the 20-year-old Jolie is posing naked, hugging her legs tied with a tape. Plump lips, bright makeup, a predatory look. This is that Jolie, which we will remember forever. The gallery sells pictures for 1800 Pounds(~2700$).

Angelina Jolie rare nude photos

By the way, recently in the press appeared other Jolie pictures made this year. Seeing them, the fans sounded the alarm. The actress lost weight and looks very exhausted. The fans believe that Jolie is seriously ill, but is hiding that.

Angelina Jolie lost weight

Experts believe that the reason are the surgeries Angelina had last year. She spayed and had a double mastectomy to avoid cancer. But haters have their own version. They believe that the weight loss is related to the nerves: they say, Angelina’s relationship with her husband, the actor Brad Pitt, is not so smooth.

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