List of Naomi Campbell biggest scandals

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Today, May 22, Naomi Campbell has an anniversary celebration – the model is 45. Campbell, who has been working on catwalk since 15-years-old, became the first black girl, who appeared on the cover of the French and English publication, Vogue and Time. She is known not only for her successful career, her cooperation with biggest brands and glossy magazines, Naomi, who received the nickname “Black Panther”, is known for her explosive character, her name is always associated with scandals. Howomen Magazine decided to remember the most remarkable events from the life of the celebrity.

List of Naomi Campbell scandals

In 1999, at the shooting of the movie “Prisoner Of Love”, Campbell hit the assistant with her mobile phone. The press literally hounded model – Naomi had to apologize and pay compensation. This incident affected her whole future career and reputation.

The case with the assistant did not make her learn something, Campbell’s attacks on staff continued from her hands suffered repeatedly assistants, makeup artists, and flight attendants. In 2006, Naomi threw the mobile phone on her housekeeper Ana Skolavino  the girl had stitches. The model not only apologized, but was sentenced to community service.

Black Panther

In August 2009, Naomi and Vladislav Doronin were having a rest in Italy. The model wasn’t happy with the pesky photographers – in the end, she started to beat one of them with her bag. Only bodyguards could stop the furious “Black Panther”. The man received a head injury and several deep scratches.

Rest in Italy

In February 2013, Campbell was assaulted by an unknown person, who tried to steal her bag, but the model remained steadfast till the last. In the end, she hurt her leg and had a major surgery.

List of scandals

There are always reasons to mention the model in Mass Media. One of them is her appearance – because of often hairstyling, Naomi Campbel remained literally bald. Photographers repeatedly caught the star with a spicy shifted to the side wig.


In February this year, the model traveled to Cuba. Without having time to really get off the ladder, the model attacked a local operator, who began the shooting without her permission. Campbell has harmed not only the expensive camera, but also the head of the operator. In a statement, Naomi called this incident a misunderstanding.

Biggest scandals

Recently, in the press reappeared the information about a brawl – tabloids reported that Campbell had a fight with Cara Delevingne. Representatives of the model refused to comment this information. It seems that the age does not restrain the violent nature of the celebrity.

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