Leonardo DiCaprio won back a Chanel bag from Paris Hilton

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One would think what can have Leo DiCaprio and Paris Hilton in common? Nevertheless, they can: that proved the Heart Fund’s Generous People Dinner Gala auction, where Leonardo and Paris locked together for a Chanel bag. The question is: why would DiCaprio need an evening women bag in an intense blue color with floral applications?

Leonardo DiCaprio Chanel bag from Paris Hilton

According to what Leo told journalists, he acquired the Chanel accessory for his mother, Irmelin. By the way, the bag from the French fashion house cost him $10.000  (Paris overbid to the last, but at this figure she preferred to give up). Meanwhile, the auction was not simple, by for charity purpose. So that all proceeds from the sales will go to help of children from Third World countries suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

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