Lana Del Rey shot paparazzi helicopter in the new music video

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The 30-year-old singer Lana del Rey presented the music video on High by the Beach song from the new album Honeymoon. Now Lana is not only sad and sadly sings about love, but also accurately and mercilessly shoots paparazzi from a machine gun. Apparently, the singer is not easily coping with fame.

In the story, Lana Del Rey, one of the most popular singer, tired of paparazzi, is resting in a quiet house near the sea and sings about how she wants to hide from everyone. She’s reading a magazine about celebrities and is looking after a helicopter with a paparazzi photographing her. In the end, he can’t stand anymore, runs after a guitar case hid in the rocks, takes out a gun and shoots the helicopter. In the fire blast tabloid pages are flying everywhere…

Lana Del Rey music video on High by the Beach song from the new album Honeymoon

Perhaps this way Lana Del Rey decided to show reporters and fans how much she’s tired of paparazzi, relieving her every move during the dates with her current boyfriend, the Italian photographer Francesco Karrozzini. The couple is spending more time on the beaches of Italy and are constantly surrounded by paparazzi.

We remind you that the release of Lana Del Rey’s new album is announced for January month of this year. Recently she shared with her fans the first song – Honeymoon. In September, she will present the cover of the disk, prepared by Francesco Karrozzini.

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