Lady Gaga has published a candid photo from youth

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Lady Gaga to shock her fans so much that it is unlikely that they could have something to be surprised with. The singer repeatedly filmed naked showing the pictures without image editors and changed colorful images. However, recently she published in Instagram a photo that still seemed unusual: Gaga showed a nude photo with her from youth.

The picture shows a naked girl standing at the window, which shows the skyscrapers. Her face filmed under such a perspective, that is difficult to understand whether it’s Gaga or not. The singer did not sign the image. Some fans have suggested that the photo was taken, when Lady Gaga was young. Others believe that it is not at all Gaga. However, the singer rarely publishes in her photo-blog pictures without being present on them.

Lady Gaga nude photo from youth

By the way, the picture is violating the Instagram rule because it has nipples on it. Maybe, this way the singer tried to support the #FreeTheNipple action against the ban on image publishing on social network. Previously, it was joined by Naomi Campbell, Rumer Willis, Miley Cyrus and other stellar beauties.

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