Kisses and a lot of passion: Sting and Mylène Farmer sung together the hit Stolen Car

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In late August, the iconic singer Sting and no less famous Frenchwoman Mylène Farmer presented their first joint composition. The musicians sung Sting’s 12-year-old hit, Stolen Car. More recently, they made another gift to fans – they released a sensual and quite candid video for the duet song.

Passionate kissing, night road hugs and some sensuality – you can not break away from the music video! The director of the clip, by the way, was the winner of the “Cannes Lions” Bruno Aveillan.

The master has a special style: even his commercials become a work of art. His work is distinguished by elegance, cinematography and a lot of “air”. In his career, he has worked with a lot of famous brands, he made commercials for Louis Vuitton, Bailey’s, Lacoste, Guerlain and others. Bruno has worked with the directors Lars von Trier, Martin Scorsese and Oliver Stone.

Sting and Mylene Farmer Stolen Car

The shooting took place in Paris. Mylène Farmer and Sting had to play the role of lovers in the music video, and according to rumors, the couple got too carried away. According to one member of the crew, “Sting could not break away from Mylène lips about 10 seconds after team director said “Cut! “And then they both blushed and giggled like children.”

By the way, Milen participated in the filming after a recent broken leg. In the footage taken by paparazzi, you can see how she moves on with crutches.

Mylene Farmer broken leg

The original Sting song Stolen Car was released in 2003 and entered the seventh album of the musician, Sacred Love. And  the new interpretation of the song will be included in Mylène Farmer album, the release of which will be held at the end of the year.

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