Kim Kardashian’s lookalike looks identical like her!

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Sometimes fans are willing to do anything, just to be like their idol. No surgery, no diet, no huge amount of money from plastic surgeons can stop them. But some of them go even further and in an attempt to be like a star, do not see how they begin to live other people’s lives. A couple of months ago, Kamilla Osman from Toronto, Kim¬†Kardashian’s lookalike, has created an account on Instagram.

The girl is on the network not for a long time, but is gaining popularity as quickly as Kim herself. Her pages have now more than 100 thousand subscribers. We know about her a little, but it is clear that Kamilla is trying hard to look identical to Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian's lookalike Kamilla Osman Kamilla Osman

In Kamille’s profile is written that she is a fashion blogger and designer.

Fashion blogger and designer Kamilla Osman Kamilla Osman

She has the same makeup and dresses exactly like Kim: Some photos show an astonishing resemblance! Many of her subscribers are sure that this wouldn’t been possible without the help of plastic surgeons. The girl has not yet given any comment on the matter.

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