Kim Kardashian uses hypnosis to avoid cesarean section

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Kim Kardashian, who never stopped complaining about her condition during the second pregnancy, faced with another problem. A recent ultrasound showed that the baby took the wrong position in the womb. If in the near future the baby will not change his position, Kim will have a cesarean section, and in fact, a matter of days remained before the birth.

“It’s four in the morning but I am worried and can’t fall asleep”, the 35-year-old star wrote on her blog.

“Doctors try to calm me advising a C-section but I doubt. Obviously, if it’s an emergency and for the safety of my son, I will get a C-section — but if I don’t need one, I’d rather not”, Kim confessed.

Kim Kardashian second pregnancy

Kardashian is struggling to avoid such an end. She admitted that in an attempt to change the position of the baby, she stays every day for 15 minutes with her feet up, apply ice to the stomach. Kanye West’s wife tried almost everything, including acupuncture sessions, where she has burned moxa (mugwort) on her pinky toe every day.

“I am even attempting hypnosis!”, Kim confessed on her blog.

Kanye West's wife

Kim also announced she’s on the 36th week of pregnancy and that her baby is already 7 pounds! During this pregnancy, Kim added some extra weight and several times complained she stopped feeling her sexuality, calling pregnancy the worst period of her life.

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