Kendall Jenner broke Kim Kardashian’s record on Instagram

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The model Kendall Jenner broke older sister’s, Kim Kardashian, record on Instagram

The “record holder picture” was published 5 weeks ago. On it, the 19-year-old beauty is laying down in a white lace dress with hair arranged in shape of hearts. Within a month, this photo obtained almost 2.7 million likes, 300 thousand more than Kim’s most popular photo, where she is with her husband Kanye West on their wedding.

Kendall Jenner most popular photo

No one expected that the record of Instagram queen will be beaten by her younger sister. Moreover, Kendall’s picture is not only ahead of the it girl and businesswoman’s picture, but also became the most popular in the history of Instagram.

The 19-years-old Kendall didn’t miss the opportunity to make jokes on her sister. On her Twitter account, the girl wrote “take that, KimYe”.

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