Keira Knightley is not hiding her little baby girl Edie

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In 2013, Keira Knightley got married to the musician James Righton. An year later, it became known that the couple is expecting their first child. Although Kira was thoroughly hiding her position: she rarely appeared in public and wore baggy clothes, but fans have still found out the actress will become mother. In 2015, the baby girl was born, the celebrity parents giving her the name Edie.

After the birth of the daughter, Kira is rarely appearing in public and is dedicating all her free time to her child. Also, the actress has done anything possible to not “expose” the baby. Though, on January 18, dexterous paparazzi have caught Knightley-Righton’s child on a walk through London. Kira and James were shopping together with their daughter. Reporters caught them near a supermarket. Judging by the packages, the spouse bought organic foods.

Keira Knightley little baby girl Edie

The celebrities were dresses really simple: Kira was wearing a black tannage jacket, blue jeans and comfortable boots, while James was wearing black jeans, a dark down jacket and a hat. However, the eyes of journalists were not attracted by their purchases or clothes, but by the year-old baby. Edie sat in a kangaroo carrying, while Kira was smiling happy and talking on the phone.

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