Kanye West dissatisfied with his wife’s weight

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It seems that not everything goes fine for one of the most discussed couples in Hollywood. Recently, Kanye West is not satisfied with the appearance of his flamboyant wife.

In recent series of the popular reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim Kardashian told her younger sister Chloe that her husband is going to fire her personal trainer because he is not able to help her lose weight fast enough. It is supposed that Kanye West made it a condition that in a few days his spouse should lose no less than 15 pounds.

Kanye West wife's weight

Kardashian is really trying to get in shape after the birth of her daughter, which, incidentally, she is taking with her during her personal training.

It is no secret that the girl is not a fan of sweat exercise, preferring corsets and well thought outfits.

Apparently, it’s time to sweat.

Kim Kardashian & North

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