Justin Bieber cruelly ridiculed for “naked” photos

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Justin Bieber has once again triggered a scandal. But this time he got the role of the victim. Paparazzi caught the singer by surprise during his holiday in Bora Bora and made a couple of very hot shots.

In the pictures, Bieber is completely naked. Although Justin is not averse himself to publish in his social networks the “naked” pictures, this time he was upset. So much that he is preparing a lawsuit against the newspaper.

Justin Bieber naked

Justin Bieber completely naked photos

However, the court is unlikely to help keep the singer’s reputation. The pictures scattered around the internet, becoming an occasion for jokes and parodies. In social networks was even “born” a special hashtag #whatdoyoupeen, which become the parody on the title of Justin’s latest single What Do You Meen.

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