Johnny Depp could be imprisoned for 10 years

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Johnny Depp faces trial for smuggling two dogs on the territory of Australia.

At the beginning of month, the actor violated the strict law on quarantine when he landed in Australia in a private plane, carrying his two Yorkshire Terriers. No one reported to authorities the presence of dogs in the country.

When the criminal offense was revealed, the Minister of Agriculture announced that Depp’s dogs will be euthanized, if the actor will not take them out of the country within 50 hours. Soon the dogs were sent to the United States, while Depp stayed in Australia.

Johnny Depp could be imprisoned

Recently, the representatives of the Australian Senate confirmed that if the case goes to court and the actor will be declared guilty, he will face up to 10 years in prison or a fine of 265 thousand dollars.

Depp did not make any comments in this respect.

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