According to rumors, Jennifer Garner is expecting Ben Affleck’s fourth child

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It is a big mystery what happens in the family of the 43-year-old Jennifer Garner and her “half former” husband Ben Affleck. Apparently, for the couples, is a mystery as well. They divorce, then they converge again. Recently there have been reports of their joint attending to the family psychologist, and two days later the ubiquitous journalists claimed that Affleck blackmails his wife and forces her to appear with him in public. Further more! Western tabloids wrote that Jennifer is expecting the fourth child … Yes, from Ben! The woman plans to give birth to the baby, but she does not want to return to Affleck.

Rumors appeared after the incident on the set of the movie “Miracles from Heaven,” where Garner starred. The actress felt unwell – she felt sick in the mornings, had enlarge breasts, and her wight increased suddenly. Jennifer bought a pregnancy test and it was positive.

Ben Afflecks fourth child

“Last year, when Jennifer wanted to get pregnant again, Ben bought a few packages of birth control pills as a response to his wife. But now, when the actor learned that after all he’ll become father for the fourth time, despite parting with Jen, he was happy. Jennifer decided to carry and give birth to the baby, but is in no hurry to go back to the ex-husband,”- an insider said.

Friends of the couple claim that Affleck wants to exploit the situation for the reunion with his ex. However, the actor is not motivated by a sublime enthusiasm, but the desire to save a miserable reputation on the eve of the movie “Batman vs. Superman: At the dawn of justice.”

“Ben sincerely repented of his mistakes and above all of his infidelity, but Jen is still adamant. But now the actor is sure that sooner or later the pregnant ex-wife will take him back with arms open, “- a friend of the family said.

We remind you that on June 30, Garner and Affleck officially announced about the divorce, and a month later began to emerge rumors that the reason for breaking up one of the strongest and most beautiful Hollywood couple served Ben’s betrayal, in particular with the babysitter of couple’s children – Christine Ouzounian. The woman was fired after the scandal, but she used this fact to “promote” herself: she has hired an agent and is trying to become a star – and by the way already won the first proposal. However, in a film for adults.

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